Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The consultants and advisors of Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve stake their reputations on the products they sell. When buying gold or silver online you can rest assured that the Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve reputation has been earned over countless years of persistent efforts to raise the standard for precious metal dealers.

Below, you can learn more about the details of our Nationwide Coins Guarantee, sales terms, conditions and privacy policy. As an established U.S. Gold and Silver dealer, we understand both the necessity and value our customers receive the transparency we can provide regarding our sales process.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve, Inc. (herein called “Nationwide”) guarantees to provide customers with the highest quality service for the customer’s coin and precious metal needs. Nationwide representatives are here to insure total customer satisfaction. Delivering customer satisfaction is about providing timely, responsive service with integrity and striving for excellence while meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations.
Below is a portion of an Independent Review performed in August 2017, to wit;


I. Customer Concerns
Although not often, but from time to time a customer will have a concern they feel needs addressed with Nationwide. Whether it is a shipping issue, customer service issue or any other issue that one of our valued customers is concerned with, it is handled immediately. Nationwide recently had a customer satisfaction audit done by an independent firm. Nationwide does over 15,000 customer transactions per year while registering only eleven customer concern issues. That gives Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve a .000733% customer concern rate. If a customer has any concern they are urged to call or email the Compliance Director.

II. Type of Business
The independent audit focused on Nationwide’s commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Nationwide’s operations do not cause marketplace concerns. Nationwide’s eight successful years in business, large customer base, insignificant customer concern rate, lack of any legal action pending and its strict adherence with all local state and federal regulations put this company at the forefront of the precious metal coin industry. Nationwide’s early implementation of a “no-nonsense” compliance department attests to their commitment towards excellence.

III. Time in Business

Nationwide was formed and filed with the Texas Secretary of State in February 2009 and has been operating in good standing since that date.

IV. Transparent Business Practices  

Nationwide provides detailed product information on the website and Nationwide further explains the details of product information during sales calls with customers as a standard practice of operation. Nationwide has thousands of customer transactions and calls each year, both new and returning. Nationwide has established process and procedures for product information that is strictly adhered to during customer calls. Nationwide has steadily built its customer base and sales since being founded in 2009.

Nationwide is based in Houston, Texas with its office located at: 2000 S. Dairy Ashford Road, Suite 170, Houston, Texas 77077.

Nationwide provides its contact information on the website. Nationwide provides a contact phone number for general inquiries and an additional phone number for direct contact with Nationwide’s Compliance Director. The Compliance Director’s name and email address are also provided to the public.

V. Commitments to Ethical Practices

 Throughout Nationwide’s eight-year history, there is no evidence that Nationwide has failed to honor a commitment to ethical business practices. Moreover, there has never been as much as a suggestion that Nationwide has failed to honor a commitment to ethical business practices.

VI. Licensing and government actions

In terms of “licensing”, Nationwide has maintained its good standing with the Texas Comptroller and Secretary of State since its inception.  In terms of “government actions” as of August 2017, there are no known government actions.


The limited rise in the number of complaints becomes even smaller when viewed in relation to the far more substantial increase in the number of customers over the same period of time.  As one can see in these independent findings, the percentage of complaints has decreased despite the company doubling sales revenue and customer count from 2014 to 2017.

Alongside the consistent complaint percentage, the percentage itself has always been and remains incredibly negligible. The percentage of complaints by customers has never risen higher than .000733% and regardless of this significantly low percentage, Nationwide always responds to a customer complaint with the intent to remedy the complaint promptly to the satisfaction of the customer. The Nationwide record reflects that all complaints are confirmed as “resolved” or “answered” to the full satisfaction of the customer in the customer’s favor. All complaints are dealt with and closed within an average of twenty (20) days.